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Taking the headache out of your Google My Business management

What is Google My Business?

On our phones, on our computers, Google My Business is everywhere.

Formerly known as Google Places, Google My Business has become so popular because it is automatically tied into searches made through Google Search and Google Maps.

In its early versions, Google My Business didn’t offer much. It started small, allowing businesses to update their address, images, opening times and business type. It quickly evolved to provide customers with more tools to interact with the listed business (writing reviews, uploading customer images and asking questions).

Google My Business (as well as other business listing platforms) has transformed into a swiss-army knife of tools which has far more revenue-generating potential than many local businesses realise or utilise effectively. Not only will it pull information and keywords from your business website (helping your business rank for search terms which bring you more customers), but it’ll allow you to add your services and products so a customer doesn’t even need to go to your website.

Google has placed so much emphasis on creating a fantastic experience for people using their platform that they have prioritised business listing results above all other local search results.

Why should I care about GMB?

Is dedicating time and money to Google My Business going to be profitable? Here are a few stand out statistics from Google for you:


1) Over a billion people now use Google Maps.

That’s a crazy amount of potential customers who are actively using their phones to find local businesses nearby. If you’re not using Google My Business, then you’re missing part of this pie.


2) Nearly a third of mobile searches are related to location.

What this means is that people are actively looking to find local services around their current location. If you don’t have an optimised listing, then your business won’t be seen.


3) 3/4 people who search for something nearby using their smartphone end up visiting a store within a day.

Even if people see your store on Google maps, but they choose not to visit it that day, over 3 quarters of them will choose to visit within a day.


4) And 28 percent of those searches result in a purchase.

So, to summarise, just over a quarter of people who use Google Maps to search for businesses will choose to purchase something – that’s a massive amount of revenue potential for your business if you choose to optimise your profile correctly.

Our GMB process

When you work with us, this our GMB process.

We love Google My Business, and we believe it is so fundamental to the success of a small business. We have developed several optimisation tricks and strategies which have proven to increase more revenue for our clients. When you work with us, we’ll implement these strategies and make your GMB profile a revenue-generating machine.

Auditing your GMB profile

The first step of any Google My Business optimisation endeavour is to understand what you’ve currently done on the platform and what major areas need tackling to see improvement.

If you’ve not claimed or created a GMB profile, no worries, this is something which we’ll do immediately.

As part of our audit, we’ll add your GMB profile to our professional Google My Business tracking software which will give us a realistic understanding of where your profile sits when compared to your competitors. It’ll also give us more data and insights which are not readily available in the native Google My Business dashboard.

Once the audit has been completed, we’ll create a list of tasks which is organised in terms of priority and effort. We want to tackle the high priority and low effort tasks first before moving to the lower priority high effort tasks.

Competition and keyword research

We believe strongly in conducting competitor research. If you don’t understand who your competitors are and how they could be performing better, you’ll never know what you need to do to stay one step ahead.

Before we optimise your Google My Business profile, we’ll do our due diligence on your industry and research the top-performing keywords which you should be trying to get your Google My Business profile to rank for.

We’ll list your main competitors and identify the key areas which we feel are increasing their performance. We’ll use these areas as targets which we’ll work towards with your very own GMB profile.

Optimising the GMB profile

The methods of optimising a Google My Business profile is more complicated than you may think.

As part of our service, we’ll work through the whole of your profile and ensure every single piece of information has been correctly updated and optimised for the target keywords we feel are essential for your business. This includes answering all positive and negative reviews.

We’ll also ensure all your business categories, service locations and products have been correctly optimised. These are areas which are often overlooked by businesses when they set up their profile.

Finally, we’ll also schedule a visit to your business location to take a series of 360-degree photos which can then be uploaded and turned into a virtual tour. Google highly values 360-degree images, and they give your customers a chance to look around your business before they visit. 360 photos are particularly important as they often rank higher than other images in your account.

Weekly review management

We consider customer reviews, and the management of customer reviews, as one of the most important functions of a Google My Business profile. If you’re going to do one thing, collecting and managing customer reviews is going to give you the most impact.

We’ll manage all your business listing reviews and respond where appropriate using keyword optimised responses. We’ll work closely with you to understand how best to respond to any negative reviews.

We’ll also work alongside you to generate more regular reviews. There are a number of different tactics which we advise all businesses to implement to create more reviews, and we’ll work with you to get these tactics rolled out across your business.

Google My Business Optimisation

A Google My Business ‘post’ is a little like a ‘mini-blog’ which allows businesses the ability to show information on any sort of things, this could be a new piece of business news, an event, special product offers, customer case studies and more. Google My Business ‘posts’ really have opened the door for local businesses to showcase more information to potential customers before they even step through the door.

GMB posts can showcase anything from featured products, promotional sales, business news, events and more. We’ll work with you to communicate the right message and optimise for your target local search keywords.

Weekly optimised image uploads

There are some ‘tricks’ which you can do to enhance the quality of the images you upload to your GMB profile. One of them is making sure the geolocation in the image metadata is consistent with the geolocation of your local business. Another is embedding keywords within the image metadata.

While both of these tricks aren’t going to make your business jump up the rankings immediately, remaining consistent with the way you upload your images is important.

As part of our service, we’ll make sure to regularly upload new images of your business which have been appropriately optimised.

Reporting to Google of competitors using ‘spammy’ tactics

GMB (Google My Business) is rife with spammy tactics to gain an advantage in local search results. We’ll analyse your local competition and report any businesses which are using such tactics. This will automatically help your business rank higher in local search because it should decrease the ranking of your competitors who abuse the system.

Reporting on your GMB page performance

Finally, we’ll send you a monthly report which itemises what we’ve done and the performance of your Google My Business profile. We don’t believe in over complicating reports and filling them with jargon which is just going to confuse you. We’ll make sure the stats we showcase in our reports are the stats which you actually want to see.

Let’s work together

We’re ready to work together and improve your GMB performance

Frequently asked questions

My business is listed on Google, but I’ve not claimed it. What should I do?

That’s not a problem. You can either let us do it for you, or you can follow the instructions which have been set out by google here.

It’s hard to say as this is dependent on your current business situation and whether you’ve already invested time into your Google My Business profile.

Coupled with our Local SEO service, we’re confident that we’ll be able to increase your Google My Business and website rankings consistently month on month.

We’ve encountered this problem before and, don’t worry, it isn’t impossible to recover an account should you not own the profile.

There are some hoops we need to jump through with Google, but we can get a profile back in your hands. The only thing it takes is a little bit of effort and time.


Not at all. We have clients who have multiple business locations. We’ll optimise the take into consideration the geolocation of each business and optimise the GMB profiles accordingly.

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